Plan for Success, Then Work the Plan

Plan for Success, Then Work the Plan BY KAYLA BREJA ON OCTOBER 3, 2018 DIRECTIONAL DRILLING, HORIZONTAL DIRECTIONAL DRILLING Pinnacle Construction & Directional Boring Inc. invests in planning to deliver results Many horizontal directional drilling contractors have that one success story that brings a smile to their face just thinking about it. For Erik Carlson, owner of Pinnacle Construction & Directional Boring, Inc., in Charleston, South Carolina, that story happened on the day his team completed a 285-ft bore under the entrance roadways…

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What is Directional Boring?

Directional boring, commonly called horizontal directional drilling or HDD, is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipe, conduit, or cable in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surrounding area. Directional boring is used when trenching or excavating is not practical. It is suitable for a variety of soil conditions and jobs including road, landscape and river crossings. Pipe can be made of materials such as…

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